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Regenerative Medicine Unit



Research and development of Next Generation Endoscopic Intervention extra medical equipment based on industry-academia consortium

At the Department of Next Generation Endoscopic Intervention; we are collaborating with many companies through the open innovation community system and using long accumulated know-hows of Academia-Industry Collaboration, we are performing R&D of innovative medical devices needed to achieve next generation minimally invasive diagnosis and treatment. Based on the specific unmet medical needs given by doctors, companies will be organized into subgroups to work from basic research stage through up to pre-clinical / clinical stages for a speedy social implementation.

For example, we collaborate with domestic and foreign companies with necessary basic technologies need for R&D of medical devices such as plastic molding, processing technology, metal processing, polymer science, precision chemistry and so on. we will strive to jointly develop innovative medical devices for the next generation diagnosis and treatment, and by spinning off the innovative medical devices to current diagnosis / treatment, standardize the current technically difficult procedures and make them widely feasible.

Responsible Department

Department of
Next Generation Endoscopic Intervention

Joint Research Companies

AMCO Incorporated. / SB-KAWASUMI LABORATORIES, INC. / Kaigen Pharma CO., LTD. / KAJITECH MEDICAL Co., Ltd. /
CASTEM Co., Ltd. / Kohan Co., Ltd. / Sanyo Co., Ltd. / 3-D Matrix, Ltd. /
Daiei Co., Ltd. / TAKAZONO Technology Incorporated / TOP Corporation / JAPAN CASHMACHINE CO., LTD. /
PILOT CORPORATION / Hakuzo Medical Corporation / HAKKO CO., LTD. /
FUSO Pharmaceutical Industries, Ltd. / Yamashina Seiki Co., Ltd.

Project Members

Principal Investigator


Specially Appointed Professor

Department of Next Generation Endoscopic Intervention



DOKI Yuichiro


Department of Gastroenterological Surgery