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A facility for leading-edge education and research

The CoMIT building was built to house offices for the Faculty of Medicine of Osaka University, Osaka University Hospital, and Osaka University’s Administration. The CoMIT facility conducts research and it provides education related to the development of advanced medical care. Student practica and lectures are also conducted in the building, and the facility provides a setting in which students can encounter collaboration between industry and academia.

新融合領域ユニット 研究支援部門 6F 共通基盤部門 5F 技術支援分野(共同利用機器室) 共通基盤部門 B1F 動物実験分野(中大動物実験施設)

The architectural design of the CoMIT building

The concept behind CoMIT is “integration,” and the CoMIT building was designed based on that concept.

The exterior walls mostly consist of glass and various types of panels. An open stair case of wood passes through the center of the building from the 1st to the 9th floor.

Secure research areas are provided along with spacious and welcoming common areas. Visitors to and occupants of each floor pass through a common space, creating a sense of connection. The facility has an integrated design that encourages open innovations.

The exterior walls combine panels with different designs. Multi-use spaces in the building look as if they are surrounded by the “breathing membrane” of a cell.

Semi-translucent panels reflect ambient light and the color of foliage, blending the building in with the landscape. The building’s design evokes both cellular “interaction” and “regeneration” and “integration,” which is the concept behind CoMIT.