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To promote open innovation in order to research and develop next-generation drugs
and innovative medical technologies

To promote translational research involving new, innovative technologies

To disseminate those technologies to companies, and to promptly make those technologies
commercially viable in order to provide society with advanced medical care

The aim of CoMIT is to function as a hub to seamlessly connect basic research, clinical research, and medical practice. CoMIT works closely with companies to produce innovative technologies and translational research that draw on results of research by the Graduate School of Medicine, primarily in the areas of immunology and regenerative medicine, as well as results of life science research by other faculties of Osaka University.

The CoMIT building is near the Faculty of Medicine and the University Hospital. CoMIT stands at the crossroads between basic research and clinical practice. The CoMIT building is also home to the Department of Medical Innovation, which supports clinical trials by researchers. CoMIT’s location is intentional since it facilitates the coordination of material and personnel as projects proceed to clinical research. The same is true in a physical sense, since the environment at CoMIT seamlessly connects basic research to clinical research and medical practice.