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Immunity and Regeneration Integration Unit



Development of novel medicine
for inducing scarless and functional tissue regeneration by mobilizing bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells

We found that some of necrotic tissue-derived factors induce mobilization of bone marrow mesenchymal stem/progenitor cells (MSCs) into the circulation if their concentration in the serum is highly elevated. This action results in the enhancement of tissue regeneration by increasing amount of circulating MSCs to the injured tissue. Goal of our project is to disclose the underlying molecular circuit of the injury-induced, MSC-mediated tissue regeneration mechanism in vivo. These findings will be applied to develop a novel medication to induce tissue regeneration by increasing MSCs’ circulation from the bone marrow to the tissues with intractable injury.

Responsible Department

Department of Stem Cell
Therapy Science

Research Partner

StemRIM Inc.

Project Members

Principal Investigator

SAGA Kotaro

Endowed Chair Associate Professor

Department of Stem Cell Therapy Science


TAMAI Katsuto

Guest Professor

Department of Stem Cell Therapy Science