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Novel Integrated Area Unit



Research and development of precision diagnostics by highly sensitive spectroscopy
(Life and Medical Photonics Division, Institute for Open and Transdisciplinary Research Initiatives (OTRI))

Based on highly sensitive and precision spectroscopic measurement technology, we aim to develop new diagnostic and testing technologies for maintaining people's health, providing gentler medical care and a drug discovery environment. Photonics measurement technology enables non-invasive and multiple informative measurement. For example, non-invasive analysis for iPS-derived cells and organoids is possible, and it is expected to support stable production and quality evaluation of them, and contributes to drug discovery and regenerative medicine. In addition, we can expect to contribute to medical care and health by evolving highly sensitive measurement at the molecular level and integration technology of analytical functions into microfluidic chips, and developing highly sensitive and low-cost nucleic acid testing device. In order to utilize these technologies as precise and easy diagnostic methods in the medical field, we will promote field-integrated research through an industry-government-academia collaboration system. School of Medicine and hospital in Osaka University will play a central role in collaborating with companies and Life and Medical Photonics Division in OTRI.

Responsible Department

Department of Neurosurgery

Research Partner

Sysmex Corporation

Project Members

Principal Investigator

KISHIMA Haruhiko


Department of Neurosurgery



FUJITA Katsumasa


Graduate School of Engineering