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Animal facility for pre-clinical research

The Institute of Large Laboratory Animal Sciences supports pre-clinical research on cutting-edge medical technologies. Three operating rooms are large enough to perform various operative procedures with special equipment and devices. Besides, inspection by computed tomography (CT) is applicable to animals that are implanted with iPS cell-derived materials.

Experiments with large laboratory animals are under regulation of the Cartagena Protocol, the Infectious Diseases Control Law and others. Therefore, animal rooms are regularly disinfected with hypochlorite, while effluent from animal husbandry is sterilized in an autoclave at the institute.

Institute of Large Laboratory Animal Sciences, CoMIT

Institute of Experimental Animal Sciences, Faculty of Medicine

NAKAO Kazuki

Laboratory animal technicians and veterinarians at the institute support animal procedures in consideration of animal welfare.

Equipment of the Institute of Large Laboratory Animal Sciences

Operating rooms

Surgery can be performed under sterilized conditions.

CT room

CT scan is available for in vivo experiments.


All the effluent is sterilized in two autoclaves (two tons/time).

Examples of Developed Technologies in Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative Therapy for Severe Heart Failure with iPS Cell-derived Cardiomyocytes

Regenerative Therapy for Corneal Endothelium Using Human iPS Cells